Why eCommerce Sites Should Watch Facebook

I found an interesting article today that every eCommerce site owner should be watching carefully.

Everyday I speak with eCommerce owners that struggle to fight their way into the top search engine results and ask “How can I get more traffic?”.  I cover several tactics in my Beginners Website Traffic ebook but one thing I didn’t cover is how to use the process of selling from your Fan Page. The downside is there is an additional cost in place called “Facebook Credits”.

I can’t help but wonder how this will be viewed by the buying public- a welcome, easy way to shop or another noise factor? At least these apps run on the Fan Page, so if you are not a fan they will not be intruding on your space like the hundreds of Events that fill my Facebook mail.

Social Media: Selling on Facebook | Practical eCommerce

Take a look at the article and leave your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. […] the way some people use it the “power” the wrong way drives me crazy but it my last quick blog post the other day that I saw how more apps are being created to let you SELL direct from your Facebook […]

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